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Tel: +49 (391) 54413 740
Fax: +49 (391) 54413 743
Mobil: +49 (176) 22260740

Nachtweide 80, 
39124 Magdeburg

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About us

Mobiba Deutschland is a distributor of the brand Mobiba and the provider of Mobiba products on the European Market. The company’s headquarter is located in Germany. Our products are purchased by retailers, large-scale customers and private clients. The representatives of the Mobiba brand are successful worldwide.

Since the beginning, the Banyas (Russian saunas) were produced and distributed in Siberia, Russia.  In the year 2000 the Mobiba company expanded to Europe after the demand for the products increased. Later on, the European subsidiary was sold and the company Mobiba Deutschland was founded. Now it is an independent, successful and quickly growing enterprise.

The number of our customers steadily increases and we welcome any cooperation. If you are looking to buy a mobile sauna or a winter tent or if you would like to join our team as a representative of our company, call us or contact us via the online forum on our website.