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We are happy to welcome you to the website of “Mobiba Germany“

We are the official distributor of the Mobiba products in Germany, offering complete solutions to improve the outdoor experience of all the enthusiasts, hikers, fishermen and hunters. The Mobiba products for tourism and recreation are ideal for you if you want to spend your time in the open with the highest degree of comfort and fun.

Buy Mobiba products in Germany at an affordable price

You can purchase Mobiba items without leaving your home at our interactive online shop mobibadeutschland.de. The convenient navigation system and the wide selection of items will allow you to make the right choice in no time. We proudly present to you:


  • Mobile saunas – unique structures made of Oxford cloth, that take 10 to 15 minutes to install and can be heated to 100 °C (212 degrees Fahrenheit). The safe wood stove was designed specifically for tents; it’s equipped with spark arrestor to eliminate the risk of fire.
  • Winter tents – quality products that can be used in the harshest conditions of the far north. The construction consists of two water-resistant tents, inner and outer one. The winter tent has a stainless steel stove equipped with spark arrestor in order to minimize the fire risk. The interior space is nearly rectangular and its ergonomics allow you move around without having to bend.

The development of mobile saunas brought the outdoor recreation to a qualitatively new level. It is now possible to pay attention to comfort and to take care of your health no matter where you are. Enjoy the excellent steam and the beauty of nature all at the same time by camping in the woods, mountains or just in the garden using our tents.

Your benefits:

  1. We offer the products at a price recommended by the manufacturer.
  2. We deliver to all regions of Germany (free of charge) and Europe.
  3. We accept any payment method.

The products are certified.